Daily Dose of Detox

21 Days to Refresh your Mind,
Body & Soul

With Maria Faller & Sonia Satra

Do you feel like you could use a "reset" button? 
Are you tired and dragging – and you want to snap out of it?
Do you want to feel energized, healthy, and refreshed? 

Who doesn't?

That's why Maria Faller and Sonia Satra have created this easy, breezy 21-day detox – to help you wash away those toxins that are clogging up your channels (mental, physical, AND spiritual), so you can start fresh from a place of health, positivity, and freedom. Drawing on Maria and Sonia's expertise in fitness, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle, you'll get 21 simple, out-of-the-box ways to radically improve your life.

Oh – and did we mention it's free?

Clear out your mind, body, and soul. Get rid of that clutter that's built up over the winter, and go into the summer of 2019 with that lightness and ease you deserve.

The fun starts May 1!

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Release the negative. Restore the positive.

Join Sonia Satra and Maria Faller's Daily Dose of Detox: 21 Days to Refresh Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Starts May 1 – and it's free!

Get 21 days of easy, fun activities specially curated by Maria and Sonia to help you wash away the negative and step into the positive. You'll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for an amazing summer.

Go from "Ugh" to "Ahhh."

You know that feeling of diving into cool water on a hot day?

Want to feel like that?

Yeah, me too! That's why I've teamed up with my good friend Maria to create the Daily Dose of Detox:

21 Days to Refresh your Mind, Body & Soul. 

This detox will clear out the clutter in all areas of your life, so you can take that deep, refreshing breath of fresh air, and feel it all the way down to your toes.

One thing I love about this detox is that it's fun. Each of the 21 activities are so out-of-the-box – you won't see them in other programs. You can do most of them in a minute or two. And, they are powerful – they create ripple effects that will continue to spread outward, making positive change in your life even after it's over.

Oh – did I mention it's free? (That is a big deal because these activities are priceless. I'm not just saying that – I mean it.)

I hope you'll join me and Maria for these 21 days of free, fun detoxing! 




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